Syrebo Rehabilitation Glove Meets Full-Cycle Demands for Effective and Fun Hand Therapy

Syrebo Rehabilitation Glove Meets Full-Cycle Demands for Effective and Fun Hand Therapy images: SIYI INTELLIGENCE 

Syrebo hand rehabilitation gloves use robotic technology and interactive games to provide fun and motivating hand therapy to patients recovering after stroke, hand trauma, orthopaedic surgery, cerebral palsy, and other neurological disorders that affect the motor function of the upper limbs.

One of the most debilitating aspects of conditions like stroke is the loss of motor function in the affected limbs. The hand motor dysfunction makes everyday tasks, such as brushing teeth or combing hair, difficult or even impossible. Patients have to relearn how to perform these activities, which is a challenging process that can be time-consuming and is often discouraging.

robotic glove therapyrobotic glove therapy

robotic glove therapyrobotic glove therapy

Syrebo hand rehabilitation gloves provide a fun and engaging way for patients to regain motor function in their affected limbs via interactive cognitive games that help them stay motived and focused on their recovery process. The gloves’ feature sensors track the patient's hand motions and provide feedback to help them keep track of their performance and tasks. In addition, the host of gloves includes a built-in game module that allows patients to practice their hand movements while playing fun, interactive cognitive games that encourage them to stay motivated during physical therapy.  

hand rehabilitation glove

The Syrebo hand rehabilitation glove is designed in the semi-palm style and made with flexible fabric and non-slip material so patients can wear it easily and comfortably without others' assistance. The rehabilitation glove will repeatedly expand or contract to drive the affected hand in flexing and extending motions using a flexible pneumatic bionic muscle as the power source. Different strength levels enable the gradual strengthening of the hand muscle during the fun therapy using the grip gauge. 

robotic glove rehabilitation

Based on the neurorehabilitation theory, the Syrebo hand rehabilitation gloves use active games to train the brain and nervous system to relearn lost motor function. Integrated sensors track hand movement and provide feedback, helping patients understand and pursue their therapy progress. The bilateral mirror training can also help patients improve their coordination and balance. The Syrebo glove offers a range of interactive cognitive games combining visual and sound stimuli to keep patients engaged in physical therapy and enhance and accelerate neurocognitive recovery. In addition, the game difficulty level can easily adjust to patients' hand movements. 

hand therapy game

glove therapy gameglove therapy game

glove therapy gameglove therapy game

glove therapy gameglove therapy game

Syrebo rehabilitation gloves make hand rehabilitation as effective as possible with a mixture of features that help patients regain their hand function and improve their health condition. Besides active game training mode, Syrebo offers passive training, task-oriented training, assistance training, and bilateral mirror training mode. 

robotic glove

rehab gloverobotic glove

In passive training, the gloves will drive the hands to execute training tasks for those patients that can't move their hands. With the help of flexion and extension exercises, the patient can train the muscles and tendons of the fingers to achieve a specific range of motion. In task-oriented training, patients relearn hand motor functions by performing functional tasks. The on-screen 3D animation allows patients to interact with real objects in a virtual environment providing them with an immersive experience that is both fun and stimulating, transforming them from passive participants to active learners. Finally, assistance training is another type of training designed for patients with residual hand function. The assistance training helps patients amplify their weak functional movements and turn them into regular range movements. 

glove rehab

The Syrebo hand rehabilitation system is an excellent tool for hospitals, clinics, and rehabilitation centres as it offers a convenient and affordable way to provide rehabilitation therapy. In addition, the hand rehabilitation system provides neurorehabilitation therapy also at home, making rehabilitation more effective and available for patients.

glove therapy home

Designed by the Chinese high-tech company Siyi Intelligence, the Syrebo series products combine clinical rehabilitation theories such as mirror therapy, motor relearning, and "central-peripheral-central" closed-loop rehabilitation. As a CE, FDA and ISO 13485 certified medical device, the Syrebo glove is designed to safely and reliably help patients with hand rehabilitation and has received positive and valuable feedback from doctors, therapists and patients. Siyi Intelligence has partners around the globe, and products are present in more than 80 countries, such as the United States, Canada, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Malaysia, Singapore etc. 

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Watch the video below to see how Syrebo hand rehabilitation gloves use interactive cognitive games.

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