GestureTek Combines Gesture Control with Immersive Virtual Reality to Enhance Rehabilitation

GestureTek Combines Gesture Control with Immersive Virtual Reality to Enhance Rehabilitation images: GESTURETEK 

GestureTek Health develops innovative immersive gesture control technology for a wide range of applications in healthcare and rehabilitation.

GestureTek Health develops unique solutions that use virtual reality and immersive gesture control technology to offer a range of proven benefits both for patients and clinicians. The Canadian company's healthcare and rehabilitation products are based on 30 years of experience in gesture recognition development and continually evolve to meet the needs of the market. In addition to providing top-of-the-line technology, they offer highly competitive pricing for the best cost-value ratio on the market.

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The company's revolutionary IREX (Immersive Rehabilitation Exercise) upper and lower extremity rehabilitation system, which immerses patients in dynamic virtual reality video games, and Immersive Therapy Suite, which offers music therapy, active play and immersive sensory experiences, are only some of the company's innovative solutions adopted by hospitals and rehabilitation centers worldwide.

immersive rehabilitation exercise

immersive rehabilitation exerciseimmersive rehabilitation exercise

GesTrack 3D is a groundbreaking depth tracking software that allows users to interact with onscreen content with simple hand movements. The technology can accurately measure the position and trajectory of the user's hands or other body parts to enable interaction and control through a varied range of movements, gestures and poses. The 3D hand tracker can follow up to 10 hands simultaneously and create a multi-touch mode. It is an excellent solution for rehabilitation facilities as it allows the user to simply start interacting with the content and provides precise, reliable offscreen computer control.

depth tracking software

depth tracking softwaredepth tracking software

SensoryFX is a line of products designed to deliver captivating sensory stimulation for even the slightest of gestures, including the blink of an eye or a hand wave. The products -- Sensory Ground FX, Sensory Wall FX, Sensory Table FX and Sensory Cube – are ideal for users with limited ability. They do not require the user to touch anything or wear any piece of equipment. They offer a series of engaging virtual reality worlds that create soothing atmospheric experiences and can be used for pain management or sensory relaxation. The products are used in children's hospitals, rehabilitation centres, schools, family activity centres and similar environments.

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The GestureFX Interactive Projection and Visual Display System is an advanced gesture recognition solution that creates memorable experiences on interactive surfaces and displays. The GestureFX family of products includes Ground FX, the Cube, Table FX and Wall FX. These products use the company's patented body tracking technology to enable users to dynamically interact with virtual worlds, special effects and immersive games.

sensory floor

sensory floorsensory floor

Similarly, GestureTek Health's Multi-Sensory displays allow users to independently interact with immersive virtual reality content regardless of ability. Users can move virtual objects, create stunning animation effects and explore their creativity through movement. The displays are used in sensory rooms, hospital waiting rooms and a range of educational, entertainment and therapy environments.

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GestureXtreme is a virtual reality gaming system that offers a unique blend of fitness, entertainment, education and socialization for users of all ages and abilities. The system allows users to interact with their environment in a range of gesture-controlled, action-driven games and activities, including surfing, diving, hockey, basketball, volleyball, soccer, kayaking, playing virtual drums, hand painting, or simply exploring 3D virtual environments.



Based in Toronto, GestureTek Health is dedicated to developing pioneering solutions to enhance patient rehabilitation and recovery, with a focus on affordable, accessible immersive technology that offers a wide range of benefits for patients and therapists. A leader in gesture recognition technology since 1986, the company has contributed a number of innovations in the field with applications in multiple areas, including immersive video gaming, digital signage and advertising, multi-touch surface computing, interactive presentation systems and gesture-controlled mobile user interfaces. The company's award-winning rehabilitation products are used in hospitals and clinics around the world.

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