FitMi Delivers Effective Full-Body Rehabilitation in Clinics and at Home

FitMi Delivers Effective Full-Body Rehabilitation in Clinics and at Home images: FLINT REHABILITATION DEVICES 

FitMi is a neurological rehabilitation platform developed to enhance the recovery process for patients at home and in clinical settings.

FitMi is a neurological rehabilitation solution that combines interactive technology with therapeutic exercises to deliver effective therapy for patients at home and in clinical settings. The innovative therapy tool is an interactive full-body rehabilitation system designed specifically to help stroke patients and other people with neurological injuries retrain their brain and recover their dexterity and strength. It allows patients to continue their therapy at home and offers a varied range of exercises for different body parts – hand, arm, core and legs – tailored to address a number of different conditions.

rehab platform

Developed for occupational and physical therapy, FitMi consists of two wireless pucks and a companion RehabStudio app that selects therapeutic tasks for patients based on their stage of recovery. The exercises and levels of difficulty become progressively more challenging as patients' performance improves over time, optimizing the rehabilitation process and making it more dynamic and fun for patients. The platform automatically adapts to patients' success, ensuring that they always keep moving forward.

stroke rehabstroke rehab

stroke rehabstroke rehab

FitMi can be used to train both fine and gross motor skills. It helps patients achieve at least 12 times more repetitions than they would doing traditional exercises, which is crucial in recovery because repetitions stimulate neuroplasticity, helping rewire the brain after stroke. With FitMi, even patients with severely limited movements perform up to hundreds of repetitions per session, maximizing their recovery potential and helping their brain heal faster. The home edition of FitMi includes 40 full-body exercises and 10 levels of difficulty. The exercises include seated twists, gross grasp, oblique crunches, wrist flexion, seated marching, object rotation, ankle dorsiflexion, diagonal reach, and many others.

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rehab apprehab app

The home therapy platform comes with the FitMi pucks, a receiver, charging station and the RehabStudio app. Each puck is equipped with 10 different sensors that track the user's movement and provide haptic feedback to engage the user in his or her recovery process. Users also get visual and auditory feedback that keeps them focused and gives them a sense of accomplishment whenever they complete a task. The platform measures every repetition and tracks patients’ progress to motivate them to keep working toward their goals.

rehab platform

The clinical edition of FitMi offers the same features and additionally allows therapists to create personalized regimens for each patient. The device is easy to set up, ready for use right out of the box and does not require any special training. Watch the video to see some of the options available with it.

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