Aviron Interactive to Debut Immersive Fitness Equipment at CES 2018

Aviron Interactive to Debut Immersive Fitness Equipment at CES 2018 images: AVIRON INTERACTIVE 

Aviron’s rowing machines and innovative fitness equipment immerse users in real-time challenges and group workouts to improve their performance and enhance the fitness experience.

Aviron Interactive develops innovative fitness equipment designed to make workouts more exciting and enhance the fitness experience with immersive challenges and real-time group workouts. The company's products connect users with other fitness enthusiasts to provide them with the extra motivation they need to keep working toward their fitness goals. The products help users build endurance, get stronger and torch calories while enjoying a competitive and collaborative fitness experience that boosts their performance and brings out their best.

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The company's flagship product, the Tough Series Rower, is a commercial rowing machine developed for use in fitness facilities. It is the result of the collaboration between Aviron's scientific department and professional athletes. The machine uses a dual air and magnetic resistance system that simulates the feeling of rowing on water and delivers exceptionally smooth and strong torque that can easily be adjusted during workouts.

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A product of the same collaboration, the Impact Series Rower is a semi-commercial rowing machine designed for homes, offices, hotels and similar environments. It has a patented folding structure that saves space and makes the machine easy to store. Like its commercial counterpart, the Impact Series Rower uses the innovative dual resistance system.

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Aviron's fitness products are equipped with a 21.5'' HD touchscreen that delivers a fully immersive experience and sensors that track various performance metrics. The system allows users to choose their competition during workouts. Users can train with their friends, find other users around the world to compete with, or even go head to head with an advanced AI system. They can also choose between individual or team challenges to engage in intense workouts that put both their strength and stamina to the test. The resistance system can easily be adjusted using the touchscreen or external buttons to increase the level of difficulty.

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The users' performance metric, achievements and challenges are stored on the cloud, allowing users to track their performance over time and share their successes with friends on social media. The Aviron platform comes with additional features that enhance the workout experience, including video tutorials, leaderboards, personalized workouts, timed and non-competitive challenges, rematches, and victory photos for the top 3 finishers.

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Aviron Interactive is a Canadian fitness technology company dedicated to elevating the traditional fitness experience using equipment that allows users to connect with others around the world and immerse themselves in exciting, real-time challenges designed to push them to their limits. The Toronto-based company will make its debut at CES 2018, the world's leading consumer electronics show, held in Las Vegas, Nevada from January 9 to 12. Aviron is one of the 12 companies selected to be part of Canada's first ever delegation to the trade show. The company's rowers, equipped with the immersive HD touchscreen, will be showcased in the Canada pavilion (#501) of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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